#1: The Lokal

To start kicking things off, I would like to share with you guys a new cafe haunt that I happen to find out about!

They opened just less than a month ago and it’s my second time there! It was an impromptu plan to head over with the site ops gang though I’m still sick ):

That aside, here’s my short little review about how everything went! (Don’t mind me, I haven’t been writing for a VERY long time, so do give me some time to get back on track)

This time, we went as a huge group of 9! So we had the chance to taste a larger variety of food + have a good at the brunch menu! We shared about 5 different mains and 3 sides!

First up, my favourite of all time – Roasted Beef with Caramelized Onions on Rye.

This was shot during my first visit and I must say, it always tastes better then! Today’s version was a tad bit dry, however, the caramelised onions was still done to perfection! Or maybe, it was due to my stuffed nose that I couldn’t appreciate it properly.

Apart from that, I had a go at the Veal burger, Roasted Chicken Panini (served cold FYI), Breakfast Toasties and I forgot the last one.

The Breakfast Toasties are pretty amazing! It came with mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes and toasted to perfection! Kinda regretted ordering mine when I saw the Toasties being served. It was served in the typical sealed edges version but toasted on both sides as a whole then cut down the center to allow the cheese to ooze out, AMAZING. Definitely heading there again over the weekend to give it a go!

Also, the menu at The Lokal changes time to time, so do expect that most of the dishes do change. I love to experiment and try new things, prolly their way of getting people to go back all the time. 

Back to food, after stuffing our faces, we also had Banana Cake and Sticky Date Pudding! I’m usually not a fan of Sticky Date Pudding, but I first tried it at Revolution Coffee and pretty much fell in love with it. It was also highly recommended by the staff, so why not?

The Banana Cake was served warm (like any other) and went really well with the caramelized banana, caramel & cream! SERIOUSLY TOO GOOD! The Sticky Date Pudding was even better!! Too bad I didn’t get a photo of it! It was devoured before I could even grab a photo.

Lastly, (and also my favourite), a HUGE BOWL OF FRIES. Yes, that’s what they call it! It really is a HUGE bowl and served with aioli dip was tasted great with the combined taste! Definitely worth giving it another go & another to-go cafe for me!

Till another time, xx.




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