#2: Roosevelt’s

Hello there!

I hope your day has been a pretty good one! It’s back to school for me and I finally have the time to be back doing what I love most, cafe hopping!

As I’m still under the weather, I guess I don’t really have much of a choice in terms of what I can eat, but that ain’t gonna deter me from enjoying the pleasures of this world.

Made plans for a short catch up with C and she brought me to Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar! Located just next to Outram Park MRT Station, it is DEFINITELY extremely convenient for those who do not drive and travel via public transport.

A less than 2 minutes walk from the station, you turn right towards Dorsett Residences & tadah, Roosevelt is in front of you! Tucked at the side and in a corner, it would be easy to miss from the main road, so unless you’ve been there before, you wouldn’t be able to catch it.

We arrived during the lunch hour, at around 12ish 1pm and the store was pretty empty for a lunch crowd. I guess they cater mainly to dinner crowds and the hotel guests only, so lunch time is empty. (But that also means it is a good place for me to head over to study, heh).

After scrutinizing the menu and fluster over what I should have, I decided on the Smoked Ham and Candied Bacon sandwich! I was thinking it’ll be the typical sandwich that I have at home but the neighbouring table ordered sandwiches as well as it looked pretty decent portion wise, hence why not give it a try? Ohyes! Roosevelt is currently having a lunch promo as well! You get a FREE Coffee or Tea when you order the Salad or Sandwiches. I didn’t know it came free till the waiter told me, so yay! I ordered the Moroccan Rosebuds tea (and thought it came as a cup), but they gave me the entire tea pot (so hurray yet again!).  

We waited for a lil’ while after our drinks were being served and there you go, my amazing and yummy looking Smoked Ham and Candied Bacon sandwich!

 Smoked Ham Candied Bacon sandwich

Looks good, doesn’t it? It comes together with a serving of fries. Ohyes, I forgot to mention, I asked for no pickled veggies cause I wasn’t a fan, they subb-ed it with lettuce for me instead, so nice of them 🙂 

Candied Bacon




A close up of the BACON. I’m sorry, I’m a fan of bacon and anything bacon! Candied Bacon tastes very much like the traditional Bak Kwa, or what the Chinese know as 肉干, but a tad bit sweeter.

We then decided on desserts as well, cause what are girls without desserts?

Churros Waffles

We settled for the Churros Waffles, which are supposedly their new waffles! Thick fluffy buttermilk waffles, sprinkled with brown sugar and a GENEROUS portion of ice cream and a side of Chocolate Sauce. I was quite surprised when I saw the ice cream scoop as I wasn’t expecting such a huge scoop. Nonetheless, it was just right with the portion of waffles that we had. 



A close up for all waffle lovers out there. Baked till perfection, these waffles are to fight for. 

 Besides the fact that they forgot about the maple syrup till we’re halfway through the waffles, my overall experience at Roosevelt deserves 3 thumbs up! Pricing and presentation wise are really good, so that’s alright. Will definitely head back again once I get my senses back in shape.

Till the next joint.





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