I met the great bunch of fellow diligent working family that would always give their all (literally, with all the lost voices) to making every camp the most memorable one for our “kids” aka freshies.

So we gave a treat, to ourselves, for doing such a great job. I mean come on, we need a break too, right? Since there were over 30 of us (yes, huge family, that’s right), we decided to go dutch and just head to MEDZS. Located at Millenia Walk, MEDZS has a similar concept to Marché, and serves up a range of mediterranean dishes and some to suit the local pallet. 

At our table, we decided to order dishes and share among the group of us. I mean, makes sense right? At least it allows us to pinch a little of everything to satisfy our tummys. So for round one, here’s what we had,


First up, we had Truffle Fries. Come on, who doesn’t LOVE truffle fries? Lightly tinted with truffle oil on each fry and served with grated parmesan cheese, this was a crowd pleaser! Not forgetting the side of sauce, that we have no idea what it is made of except that there was truffle in it, it paired the fries just perfectly. 


Next up, we had Churros with a side of Caramel Dip. We have our love for dessert, so who cares about dessert first or mains first? As much as we were starving and in need of food, I guess Churros worked just right for us. Sadly, these skinny sticks didn’t quite make the cut as good churros. The caramel dip actually made it better. 


Next up, we have the Mixed Sausage Platter with Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Mushrooms and a side of garden veg. It’s weird that we had 3 versions of sausages, but they all tasted the same. We had chicken cheese sausage, veal sausage and pork sausage! 


After which, we had Bacon wrapped Sausages skewers! We were disappointed that it only came in 4s, we thought there would at least be 2 sticks or so. I guess it was good while it lasted? Hah. 


Last part of round one, Salami Pepperoni pizza! 12″ thin crust pizza, the best for that round I must say. Each slice was filled with just the right amounts of everything that it went so well together!

Greedy us decided to head for Round Two with little deliberation and we over-ordered! You’ll see why.


First up, Mixed Seafood Paella. The seafood tasted a tad bit bland, sadly. Otherwise, the rice was pretty flavourful and the portion would be perfect for just one person. There was more ingredients to rice proportion wise, not that I’m complaining, but it would have been better if the seafood were well, more tasty. 



This wasn’t part of our round two, but I had to take a photo of it. The HUGE beef sandwich that one of them ordered. Even guys had to split it into two. It is even bigger than my face. SERIOUS.


Back to our round two, here’s the Ham and Mushroom Cabonara. HOORAY! My love for carbs (not a rice person), but pasta is om nom nom. I really do love pastas! This was a good combination, but my fav is still from Pepperoni Pizzeria, but that’s for another day. 


Roasted Half Chicken.



Chicken Cheese Pizza


Buttermilk Waffles, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, yay!



Apple Crumble Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream. Warm and comfortable for the tummy, ultimate comfort desserts. I must also add, the berry compote is amazing. I could just eat an entire jar of it!

Talking about all these food is making me hungry at this timing, heh. Till next time my friends!



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