#5: Sembawang White Noodles

Hello there my friends!

It’s been quite some time since I last posted :/ Been pretty busy with school and the many other things along the way, but nonetheless, I’m back~

So for today’s feature, I’ll be talking about something local. Yes, local. In this little tiny red dot, Singapore prides itself by our FOOOOOOD! The variety, the culture, the mixture, just everything makes Singapore, well, Singapore!

I met up with J who is about fly back to Perth for school and he brought me to his favourite White Noodles store! What is White Noodles you may ask, it is somewhat like the typical Hokkien Mee (the fried version, not the soup-y version), just without the yellow mee. So the entire plate is filled with bee hoon (aka rice vermicelli) and topped with prawns, sotong (squid), cai xin, eggs and lime! 





The lime is actually to give the extra boost of flavors to the dish! This is definitely worth the queue and waiting time! We headed there slightly after lunch time (around 1-ish pm) and there was still a crowd. They were THAT famous. 

Taste wise, it really tasted like Hokkien Mee, just that it does not carry the mushy yellow mee taste. Let me explain, yellow mee contains ghee and hence when cooked, they have their own flavour and taste. So instead of having ghee in the noodles, rice vermicelli absorbs the sauce that they cooked together with the ingredients, and I’m guessing it should be being chicken or seafood stock.




Next up, we had Ai Yu Jelly! It’s an extremely refreshing drink / dessert. Ai Yu is actually made from gel from the seeds of a variety of figs. It looks like jelly and is mixed with lime juice and tons of ice to make it the perfect drink / dessert for a scorching hot day! They usually serve it in a bowl with a side of lime if you’d like the extra zest and kick to your dessert!



As with every zi char (and a specialty of theirs), we had Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves! Looking somewhat like Kang Kong, the taste of sweet potato leaves are different! With thinner and non-hollow stems, the dish is slightly slimy due to the stems, but no worries, it is still edible. Stir-fried with sambal chilli, this dish can be eaten on its own or paired with rice!






Last but not least, we also had another specialty, Ngoh Hiang! Ngoh Hiang, 五香, is a unique dish based on Hokkien and Teochew cultures. It is mainly filled with fish or prawn paste, together with tons of other ingredients and seasoned with five spices powder (五香粉) and wrapped with bean curd skin before getting deep fried. Most Nhog Hiang that I have tried usually has too much of the other ingredients or too thick a bean curd skin. However, the ones here never failed me! I was chewing on one and grabbing another almost instantly. Paired with Thai Chilli Sauce, this dish is a definite crowd pleaser!

Till next time!



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